Admissions Process (Thai)


Step 2

Application Submission


Step 3

Application Fee Payment

  • Upon submission of your application, processing the application requires a non-refundable fee of RM1000. Applications will be accepted and reviewed only after payment has been completed, and all necessary documents have been received.

Step 4

Entrance Assessment and Interview

  • All applicants are required to undergo an English language proficiency test. Additionally, Year 8 and Year 9 applicants are required to take a mandatory Mathematics test.
  • The details of the assessment will be communicated to you via email once it is scheduled.
  • An interview with the admissions panel will be arranged for all applicants and parents/guardians.

Note: Additional assessments/documents may be required as determined by the admissions panel.

Step 5

Admission Offer and Acceptance

  • A Letter of Acceptance (LoA) will be issued to successful applicants. Parents/guardians must respond to the admission offer within the specified timeframe. Failure to respond within the given period will be considered as declining the offer.

Step 6

Payment and Enrolment

  • Once the offer is accepted, parents/guardians must pay a deposit, enrolment fee, one term of tuition fee.
  • textbooks, uniform, and miscellaneous fees to secure the student’s place.

Documents required for Admission:


1. School academic reports / Academic transcript s for the most recent two years
2. Proof of years of education / School leaving or graduation certificate.
3. Letter confirming the current grade.
4. Certificate of extra-curricular activities or achievements (e.g. sport s, skills and talents)
5. Malaysian student’s MyKad / Inter national student’s passport
– Scanned copy of the information pages, the latest entry stamp/pass.
6. Parents’ MyKad / Inter national Parents’ passport
– Scanned copy of the information pages, the latest entry stamp/pass.
7. Proof of parental/guardian relationship / Birth certificate / Relevant legal document.
(If the original document is not in English, please translate it through a certified agency)

Note: All documents submitted must be in English.

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