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About SISM

SISM is the first international school in the world established based on SOKA humanistic values.

  1. At SISM, education matters. Founded as a not-for-profit school, the excess funds are reinvested into our school – enabling us to provide quality education to all students with the best learning environment possible, plus granting scholarships to deserving students.
  2. Embodying the vision, mission and founding spirit of the school, SISM aims to foster a continuous stream of global citizens rich in humanity and intellect, dedicated to creating value towards peace and happiness for self and others.
  3. Recognizing each student’s unique capacity to learn, grow and create value, SISM provides an innovative curriculum and variety of co-curricular programmes to nurture every student’s potential. Our graduates are equipped with not only knowledge, but also wisdom, courage, and compassion to make impactful contributions towards the society and humanity at large.


To foster global citizens with rich humanity and intellect, dedicated to living a value-creating life.

We are committed to providing:

  • A dedicated team of highly competent faculty and staff to support students’ learning.
  • An innovative curriculum and co-curricular programmes to nurture each student’s unique capacity to learn, grow and create value.
  • A conducive and high-quality learning environment.

The founder Dr. Daisaku Ikeda has given SISM the following principles:

  • Be global citizens of wisdom who are dedicated to learning
  • Be global citizens of courage who joyfully embrace diversity for mutual growth
  • Be global citizens of compassion who expand a network of friendships throughout the world

Our founder has also given two mottoes for SISM:

  • Be genuine learners
  • Be global citizens

SISM is recruiting highly experienced faculty from around the world to provide a global education and international exposure to the learners. A dedicated team of highly motivated and competent staff that practices value creating education will be on board to help each student to manifest their highest potential and become truly happy.

SISM is affiliated with the Soka Education Institutions consisting of six kindergartens in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Brazil, Singapore and Malaysia, elementary and high schools in Japan and Brazil, as well as Soka University in Japan and Soka University of America.

Eco-friendly state of the art modern buildings aimed to provide the greatest learning environment to the students.

The campus is surrounded by 50 acres of greenery, which will be certified eco-friendly under the Platinum Green Building Index (GBI).

The entire school will be powered by solar energy with SDGs compliance.

All classrooms are purpose-built to foster collaboration and exploration. In addition, the school will be designed with vast outside learning areas, specialized labs, open classrooms and collaborative spaces for students to work. Our open floor plan and spacious interior provide a comfortable, safe, unique, conducive and enriching learning environment.

Our sports facilities include a 50m Olympic size swimming pool, a large multi-purpose sports hall, field and track to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Students can benefit from a multicultural and multilingual learning environment at our boarding facilities. They will learn how to be independent and develop a beautiful network of friendship with peers from around the world.

Our purpose-build visitor centre will be the first showcase for visitors to capture the first-hand experience of SISM education environment.

SISM Curriculum

SISM operates on three terms per each academic year, commencing in August and ending in early July the following year.

  • August to December
  • January to April
  • April to July

SISM follows the regular school days in Malaysia, which are from Monday to Friday.

School hours at SISM are the same throughout the week:

8.00am – 3.30pm (except when there are special events at the school)

After school activities are routinely arranged from 4:00pm – 5:00pm during school days

We use English as the medium of instruction.

SISM offers a humanistic education approach based on the Value Creating philosophy. It is a student-centered educational approach, which includes interdisciplinary learning and purpose-based learning. It aims to stimulate and encourage the flowering of each student’s unique creative potential to bloom to its fullest, empowering them to be genuine learners and future-ready global citizens.

SISM focuses on creating a learner-centre environment. Based on the Value Creating philosophy, we believe a small group learning class of maximum 20 students can provide each student with the personalized attention needed.

Admission for August 2023 intake will only be opened for Year 7 and Year 8 only. The school will start with a small cohort of students in August 2023 to ensure that each student gets individual attention and the maximum support. However, the school will open for higher grades admission in the subsequent years.

The recommended age for students joining Year 7 and Year 8 in August 2023 is between 11 to 14 years old.

Please refer to the following chart for more information.


Enrolment Year Year Grade Placement Recommended Age
2023 Year 7 – Year 8 11 – 14
2024* Year 7 – Year 10 11 – 16
2025* Year 7 – Year 11 11 – 17
2026* Year 7 – Year 11,
A Level / IBDP (Year 12)
11 – 18
2027* Year 7 – Year 11,
A Level / IBDP (Year 12 & 13)
11 – 19


*Admission to Year 8 and above in 2024 onwards, is dependent on the availability of seats in the corresponding academic year. It is also subjected to the interview and assessment outcome conducted by the school’s admission panel.

SISM is committed to fostering global citizens and English is the medium of instruction. For students to be able to learn and participate in the activities successfully at SISM, it is important they have a good command of English. Therefore, at the time of admission, all students are required to sit for an English language proficiency test. The minimum requirement of English language proficiency level for application at SISM is shared in the table below:


English Language Proficiency Test Minimum Level of English Language Proficiency
Year 7 Year 8
* We are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages as our primary criteria.
A2 B1
PEARSON for Young Learners Level 5
(30 – 36)
Level 6
(42 – 58)
TOEFL Primary Step 2 212 – 227 227 – 230
TOEFL Junior 645 – 745 745 – 850
Cambridge Young Flyers 120 – 139 NA
Cambridge Preliminary
(for school)
NA 140 – 152
Oxford Young Learners Placement Test A2 B1


** If you need more information, or if you have any concern about your child’s English proficiency, please use the contact form on this website, at to contact us.

Yes, we offer the English Enrichment Programme (EEP) for students who need extra help in English. This programme is designed to develop every student’s English language skills i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening as well as to enhance their vocabulary and grammatical accuracy.

To ensure ‘no child is left behind,’ each student gets individual attention and the maximum support from our professionally trained English language teachers in small sized classes.

Yes. It is mandatory for Malaysian students based on the guidelines given by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

General Information

Yes. SISM provides two types of boarding facilities to our students:

  • Full boarding
  • Weekday boarding (5 nights stay).

SISM provides a variety of facilities to allow our boarders to feel at home. Students are encouraged to participate in activities beyond schoolwork with other boarders from across the world, enabling them to forge networks of friendship. Live-in House Masters and Resident Executives will provide a high degree of pastoral care, looking after the welfare of each student. The boarding house will also be equipped with high security services around the clock to ensure everyone’s safety.

Yes. At SISM, the health and well-being of our students are our priority. An on-site qualified nurse is available to manage and assess any health issues that may arise during and after school hours (for boarders). The school clinic is equipped with the basic facilities to address our students’ needs.

Malaysia is a unique nation that is multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religion with a population of about 32.8 million people. With its harmonious blend of ethnic diversity and culture, living in Malaysia is definitely a wonderful experience for all foreigners.

Multi-ethnic Malaysia has a tropical climate, with sunshine almost 365 days a year. This makes the country a haven for nature enthusiasts. Having been for decades a leader in industrial growth and political stability, Malaysia is also one of the top destinations for those seeking internationally-recognised education. Boasting highly-ranked universities, the Ministry of Education maintains Malaysia’s high standards in keeping with education sectors around the region. The government also grooms top talent through public and private tertiary level institutions as well as accredited skill centres, resulting in the country being a global leader in key industries.

In addition to being at the forefront of quality education, its affordable, cosmopolitan cities provide rich cultural immersion and memories that can last a lifetime. Having the capital city of Kuala Lumpur ranked as the second most affordable student city has no doubt helped.

In Malaysia, experiences, lasting friendships and opportunities are abundant. Education in Malaysia will provide you with the tools to kickstart your future.

Student enrolment requirement, assessment and the related fees will be announced in due course as we need to comply to the local authoritative legislation, at this moment.
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