Boarding House


Boarding House

SISM’s boarding programme, nestled within a picturesque 50-acre green expanse, offers a home away from home experience to students from all over the world.

Respect Diversity

Our boarding house serves as a platform for holistic development beyond mere residence. Our philosophy, rooted in love, care, and compassion, encourages students to collaborate with peers, fostering growth and empathy.

Embrace Differences

We appreciate the uniqueness and beauty in everyone, irrespective of their origin or background. We are dedicated to nurturing an inclusive environment where students feel comfortable, welcomed, and valued.

Celebrate Growth

Our boarding students build enduring friendships and cherish each other’s growth and success. We prioritise holistic development beyond knowledge acquisition, encompassing personal growth, self-awareness, and life’s interconnected aspects.

Boarding Options

Boarding Options
Full-Time Boarding Weekday Boarding

(Check-in on Sunday & Check-out on Friday)

Weekend Activities

Weekends at the SISM boarding house are a time to unwind, recharge, and connect with friends.

Boarders can participate in a range of activities such as sports, go grocery shopping, explore nature, visit art galleries, and museums, attend cultural performances, engage in community service, or just relax.

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