English Foundation Programme (EFP)


Intensive Short-Term English Course Designed for Prospective Year 7 Students Keen to Enrol at SISM

SISM is an international school with English as the medium of instruction, and all subjects will be taught in English. Students need to be proficient in the English language to study and participate in school activities successfully.

To support prospective Year 7 students at the A2 CEFR level, SISM offers the English Foundation Programme (EFP) starting in January 2025.

Course Information

EFP is designed for students who lack confidence in communicating in the English language and need to enhance their English language proficiency to reach level B1 before enrolling at SISM in Year 7.

EFP classes will focus on developing students’ English language skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing) as well as their grammatical accuracy and vocabulary.

Learning will take place through immersive classes with interactive fun activities aimed at building the learner’s confidence, communicative ability, and academic skills.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Age Recommendation

(Year of Birth)

  • 11 Years Old
  • Children born in 2013
Admission Requirements
  • Currently Studying in or Completed Elementary Year 5
  • English proficiency level at CEFR A1+ / A2
Small Class Size

Small Class Size

To ensure each student receives individual attention and support, classes will be kept small. They will be conducted by trained English language teachers using the communicative approach, both synchronously and asynchronously.

Course Duration

Course Duration

The EFP class will commence every January, spanning approximately 7 months, from January to July. Subsequently, each student will be enrolled in the Year 7 class every August.

Note: The application period for EFP in 2025 will be announced in due course.