Admissions Process


Step 2

Application Submission


Step 3

Entrance Assessment and Interview Scheduling

  • All applicants are required to take an English proficiency test after online application submission. The test date and time will be communicated via email.
  • An interview with the admissions panel will be arranged for all applicants.

Note: Additional assessments may be required as determined by the admissions panel.

Step 4

Admission Offer and Acceptance

  • After reviewing the application and assessment, we will issue an official acceptance letter. Parents must respond within the given timeframe to accept the offer. Not responding within the specified period will be considered as declining the admission offer.

Step 5


  • Successful enrolment of the student.

Documents required for Admission:


1. School academic reports / Academic transcript s for the most recent two years
2. Proof of years of education / School leaving or graduation certificate.
3. Letter confirming the current grade.
4. Certificate of extra-curricular activities or achievements (e.g. sport s, skills and talents)
5. Malaysian student’s MyKad / Inter national student’s passport
– Scanned copy of the information pages, the latest entry stamp/pass.
6. Parents’ MyKad / Inter national Parents’ passport
– Scanned copy of the information pages, the latest entry stamp/pass.
7. Proof of parental/guardian relationship / Birth certificate / Relevant legal document.
(If the original document is not in English, please translate it through a certified agency)

Note: All documents submitted must be in English.

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